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Guernsey's Scrutiny committee calls for greater powers

he Scrutiny chair says the law needs to change so their powers can be strengthened. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's Scrutiny committee is calling for greater powers to get hold of documents and evidence.

The political body is tasked with holding other States committees to account, but speaking after the recent hearing on governance issues at home affairs, the Scrutiny chair says they were not given key documents they asked for.

He says the law needs to change so their powers can be strengthened...

The reality is we need added powers if we want to be able to satisfy the high expectations that exist, that's the way I'd put it.

The reality is people have very high expectations in the media that we're going to be able to hold a snap hearing and have all of the information to hand, but the reality is the law needs to be in place for us to do that.

– Deputy Chris Green, Guernsey's Scrutiny Management Committee Chair