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Hundreds of Jersey drivers could be prosecuted for driving on expired licences

Anyone requiring a new license can apply online or fill out a paper application from the Parish Hall. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Hundreds of drivers in Jersey could be at risk of prosecution for driving on expired licences.

Parish authorities say over 400 licences which expired in October and November have still not been renewed, despite recent publicity for people to check the expiry date.

Anyone requiring a new licence can apply online or fill out a paper application from the Parish Hall.

The Honorary Police, in conjunction with the States Police, are increasing the number of road checks this month as part of the seasonal campaign in the run-up to Christmas. As well as checking for motorists who may be drink-driving and for defects on vehicles, our checks may include that a current WID is displayed and a valid driving licence is held.

Drivers should check before they get behind the wheel and if their licence has already expired our advice is do not drive but apply immediately for a new licence.

We recognise that it will be inconvenient not to drive for a short period whilst waiting for your new licence to arrive but that is minor compared to having to attend Court just before Christmas and paying a fine.

– Centenier Danny Scaife, The Honorary Police

Last week the Magistrate, Bridget Shaw, reminded motorists that fines for driving with expired documents start at £300 and can also lead to a driving ban.

If your licence has expired your vehicle insurance may be invalid and this is also an offence - the maximum penalty for each offence is £10,000.

Half of all licences due to expire in January next year have also still to be renewed.

Parishes are dealing with applications in the date order received but, to avoid a delay, applications can be made up to 3 months before the licence expires.