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Jersey States backtrack on health staff pay rise

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's States Employment Board is revoking a pay rise given to 126 health professionals and social workers, after a report said their pay grades had been "inappropriately uplifted".

The roles were evaluated in November 2017 and the pay grade and salaries of the staff were increased.

However, the States says that the evaluation process that was used to offer the pay rise was outside of of the recognised process used for other roles, which it says sparked nurses and midwives to say that the process was unfair.

As a result, the health department says it commissioned an independent review at the request of the unions.

The report concluded that the pay evaluation process was flawed and so those who saw a pay increase last year will be returned to their original pay grades in April 2019.

The States says it has written to all employees affected.

This has been an issue of contention for nurses and midwives for most of the past year, and it is important that we resolve it fairly and appropriately.

We regret the upset that this correction will inevitably cause to those who are directly affected, but we have to put his right. We won’t be asking them to pay back any of the uplifted salary they received, because we don’t want them to be penalised unfairly for a situation that is not their fault.

A full pay and reward review will now be run across the public service, alongside departmental restructuring. We want to tackle pay and grading issues properly, and any proposals for further change will be presented to the States Employment Board by the end of March 2019.”

– Constable Richard Buchanan, Deputy Chair, States Employment Board