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Could France be the answer to orthopaedic waiting lists in Guernsey?

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey States may look to sending patients to France to help clear their orthopaedic surgery backlog.

There are currently six patients who are waiting more than a year to be seen and 95 waiting more than six months.

The Health and Social Care committee says that measures taken to get outpatients waiting times to an eight-week period have been successful but that this in turn has increased inpatient waiting times.

It says orthopaedic waiting times have always been an issue but pressures have increased dramatically over the last year, so much so that the facilities are struggling to keep up with demand.

Pressure on surgeons, theatre teams and infrastructure requires immediate action, according to the committee.

Measures put forward to tackle the problem are:

  • Using off-island partners, in the UK, Jersey and potentially France.
  • Increasing theatre time by extending operating hours during the week and into weekends. Additional funding is being requested for this.
  • Increasing bed capacity with the expansion of medical wards and creating designated trauma beds to reduce the number of cancellations for emergencies.