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Parish of St Helier aims to rid streets of cigarette butts

Pouches for people to put the butts in can be collected from the Town Hall Credit: PA Images

The Parish of St Helier wants people to be aware of the problems cigarette butts can cause to the island's environment. They can take up to 12 years to degrade and, if not disposed of properly, can leak toxins that contaminate water supplies.

The Parish is reminding islanders that it is an offence to drop cigarette ends on the ground, which could lead to a £500 fine. It is also displaying a sign that says "cigarette butts are litter too" on one of its road sweeping vehicles.

To help islanders, special pouches for smokers to put the butts into are being provided which can be collected from the Town Hall.

The Parish wants to encourage businesses to provide ashtrays or cigarette bins outside their premises.

Similar initiatives have been started in Guernsey with the Police's "no if's or butts" campaign. One islander has also taken matters into his own hands and installed collection points for cigarette butts in the island.