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Progress made but still more to do, says report following Jersey Care Inquiry

A review panel put together to look at changes to children's care has concluded that cultural and structural changes recommended by the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry have still not been put in place.

The panel is responsible for objectively looking at how the recommendations of the inquiry are implemented.

Its report recognised that all of the 41 actions identified in response to the inquiry have either been started or completed and that significant progress has been made so far.

But, Deputy Rob Ward from the panel also states that "a considerable amount of work is still required in order to fully implement the recommendations", saying "there is no time to become complacent".

The review put forward seven recommendations to ensure that the first stages of implementing the actions identified after the Care Inquiry are carried out securely:

  • A mission statement should be established for the network of school councils which references how it will be truly representative of children and young people.
  • The role of the Children’s Rights Officer should be regularly reviewed with significant input and feedback from children and young people about its effectiveness.
  • Quarterly updates on the Children’s Services improvement plan should be published.
  • Quarterly reviews on the understanding and implementation of the Jersey First Practice Model being used by the local children’s workforce.
  • A varied and engaging programme of continued professional development should be established for front line social workers to assist with recruitment and retention.
  • Foster carers and foster care experienced young people should be consulted on the proposed action plan arising from the independent review of fostering services before it is implemented.
  • The Minister for Children and Housing should publish a central register which sets out the departmental funding allocations that will be used to implement the Children and Young People’s plan.

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