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Environmental groups call for change in Branchage laws

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A group of environmentalists in Jersey are calling for more protection of the island's hedgerow flora and fauna during Branchage.

The Branchage Law was introduced in 1914 to keep roads and pathways clear of overgrown hedgerows.

But members of various island environment groups want the States to change the guidelines to stop plants from being trimmed down too far and to protect wildlife from strimmers.

They say they have seen a decline in hedgerow biodiversity in recent years.

Therefore, they have proposed a change that would mean vegetation could be cut back to no less than 20cm-30cm.

This, they say, will increase biodiversity by allowing low level hedge plants to recover.

Among their other suggestions is introducing parish competitions for the most biologically diverse hedgerows, as well as making Branchage dates flexible so that they are based on necessity and take hibernating species into consideration.