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Jersey and Guernsey decline £1 coin offer

Credit: ITV Channel TV

The governments of Jersey and Guernsey say they don't plan to mint new £1 coins following an offer from the UK Treasury.

Officials there have invited Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories to mint their own versions of the 12-sided coin to symbolise their link with the British Isles.

A spokesperson for Jersey's government told ITV News:

The States of Jersey has no plans to issue a new £1 coin, but will instead rely on the local £1 note and the new issue of UK £1 coins.

– States of Jersey spokesperson

The States of Guernsey Treasury said:

Following the announcement in 2016 that the round £1 coin was to be replaced with the new 12 sided coin, the States Treasury made the decision to withdraw the Guernsey round £1 coin from circulation using the same timeframes as set by the UK Government, with the withdrawal completed by 15th October 2017.

Given the lack of demand for Guernsey £1 coins and the continuing popularity of the £1 banknote it was decided not to introduce a Guernsey 12 sided £1 coin.

– Guernsey Treasury spokesperson

The idea of a local coin has sparked interest on social media, with the Guernsey donkey, Castle Cornet, a Jersey cow and Elizabeth Castle among the suggestions for symbols to be featured if any such coin is ever minted.