Jersey States approve ban on smacking children

Credit: PA Images

Jersey parents and guardians will no longer have a 'legal right' to smack their children.

The States has approved a proposition by Deputy Le Hegerat to remove article 79 of the Children Law 2002.

Article 79 allows 'defence of reasonable corporal punishment of a child'.

The States Assembly debated for two hours on repealing the law.


Voted in favour of repealing the law, and banning smacking.


Voted against repealing the law, and in favour of the status quo.

53 countries ban the controversial form of discipline and Jersey will now follow suit.

The NSPCC's local branch have called it a "common sense move"...

Legislative amendments now need to be introduced to provide children in Jersey with the same level of protection by law against assault as adults. We’d recommend that a public education campaign is developed to ensure parents understand the change and support made available for parents to change their parenting styles. NSPCC Jersey encourages parents to use positive parenting, where parents praise the good things children do as well as setting clear and consistent boundaries.

Katherine McGovern, NSPCC Jersey