Brexit crisis? How things are looking for the Channel Islands

Credit: ITV News

After Theresa May's heavy defeat in the House of Commons last night over her Brexit withdrawal deal, many in the Channel Islands are concerned about the looming impact it will have.

To try to calm any worries, Jersey's External Relations Minister Ian Gorst is providing advice in a business 'toolkit' workshop today, spelling out the measures in place to ensure Jersey can deal with all eventualities when it comes to Brexit.

But despite the workshop, one sector that appears to be remaining relatively calm and intact in the run up to Brexit is the finance industry in both Jersey and Guernsey.

With the two islands being heavily dependent on finance, those parts of the sector have said they have been creating links with jurisdictions outside the EU for the last decade and for some Brexit is creating positive opportunities.

However for those in the fishing industry, things might not be so positive. A no deal Brexit will mean, at the very least, that exporting fishery products will require additional paperwork in Jersey for example.

And animal products and live animals being exported will also require Export Health Certificates.

There is also the issue of farming of course, which the two islands are heavily reliant on and many in this industry are concerned about possible export tariffs and how much needed European workers will have access to the islands.

With concern rising, Senator Gorst in Jersey has said that the island is ready for Brexit still to take place on the 29th March and that he wants to assure islanders the case for Jersey will be put to the UK government.

With more details on how Brexit is going to effect the islands here is our Political Correspondent, Clare Burton: