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Guernsey WWII bunker with German murals opened years after being sealed

The murals have been found to been kept in a remarkable condition. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A World War 2 bunker in Guernsey has been opened after years of being sealed.

The last time the 631b bunker near Richmond Kiosk was accessible was in the early 1980's and members of the Festung Guernsey Archive group have unsealed it to a record a digital archive of it.

Members of the group went down to survey the site and were shocked about the murals they found inside.

Steve Powell along with Ben Drew who went down inside, has said they were surprised about the bunker's "really good condition."

They hope that it will explain more of how those from the occupation used them.

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The footage above from Steve Powell shows just what good condition the murals are in.

Plans to go down to the privately owned bunker were in place 2 years ago but it is only now that members of the archive have been able to venture inside.