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New social media page to get youngsters involved in Guernsey politics

Credit: 100 Ways to Make a Difference in Guernsey Facebook Page

A Deputy from Guernsey has set up a new social media page to encourage young people to get involved with politics.

Deputy Emilie Yerby has set up the 100 Ways to Make a Difference in Guernsey Facebook Page and hopes youngsters will look to help their community through politics, volunteering and environmental choices.

Ms Yerby is aiming to update the page three times a week with new suggestions on inspiring civic engagement.

The first post is scheduled to be shared later this week.

Deputy Yerby has said she is making it her priority to get more young people involved with politics.

I have always felt that getting people involved in local politics is vital for our democracy, and I realise that I have a unique platform to do so while I'm still in the States. So one of my top priorities for the next year and a half is to raise awareness of Guernsey politics and show people how they can get involved, and how important it is to do so. I'm a big believer that ordinary people can change the world - or at least build a great future for our island.

– Deputy Emilie Yerby

Despite trying to encourage people to get involved in politics, Deputy Yerby has stressed the project is not linked to a political party or agenda.

She hopes the page will eventually lead to more people considering a career in politics and even standing for the 2020 General Election.