Today's hearing was short, the judge opening the proceedings with a reminder that his duty is to deliver a verdict on the cause of death and nothing more.

Having heard from three experts earlier this week, the court took a break yesterday, resuming today to hear the closing statements from the six lawyers involved.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Advocate Corfield said they thanked the experts who had given evidence, saying "they had shown respect and sensitivity".

Then on a personal note, he also applauded Jack's parents for the "grace and dignity" they have shown through out what he called "this five year ordeal".

Next, advocates speaking on behalf of the doctors and midwives involved all separately offered their sincere condolences to Jack's parents.

Thoughts echoed by the lawyer representing Health and Social Care, Advocate Fooks, who said Jack's death "had caused profound change in maternity services in Guernsey".

Indeed HSC is keen to stress the positive steps it's taken to reform the Loveridge Unit and is encouraging any expectant mothers with concerns to get in touch.

But once the judge had heard all of the speeches he told the court he will be delivering his verdict tomorrow morning.