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Mobile CT scanner arrives in Guernsey to cut waiting times for scans

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A mobile CT scanner has arrived in Guernsey to try to meet increasing demands for MRI and ultra-sound examinations.

It is all part of a series of changes by the Health and Social Care (HSC) department to try to bring waiting times down.

The computer tomography scanner, housed in a self-contained trailer, will come to the island for short periods in response to growing demand for scans.

HSC is also hoping to replace the existing 11 year old CT scanner in August, as it is used around the clock to allow staff to view anatomy and pathology throughout the body.

It is also critical for viewing traumas and for oncology cases.

The introduction of the mobile CT scanner over trial weekends has already reduced the wait for MRI and ultrasound examinations, with the majority of patients scanned within three weeks of being referred by a doctor.

70 patients were seen in the unit over a three day period, leading to positive feedback from patients.

Health and Social Care's Medical Director has said that he is pleased the island will have the latest technology within its Radiology department.

Waiting times for coronary artery disease will be shorter through the use of the mobile unit, and scans can be delivered faster and more efficiently through the use of our incoming permanent replacement.

– Peter Rabey, HSC Medical Director