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Sustainable co-operative shop in Jersey due to lose premises

Credit: ITV Channel TV

An organic co-operative shop in Jersey is due to lose its premises at the beginning of March.

'SCOOP' opened in October in St Brelade's, on the basis of being waste-free, plastic-free and creating a "more sustainable supply of food on the island".

It operates thanks to over 200 members who technically 'co-own' the shop.

Credit: ITV Channel TV

However in the last week, the owners have been asked to leave.

Vermont Farm has terminated the lease and have told ITV News they do not wish to comment on their decision.

'SCOOP' now has five weeks to find a new location but one of the founders says he is feeling positive about the situation.

We hadn't intended to move so soon but we'll also see this an an opportunity, an opportunity to grow and maybe service more of the island.

We're looking at lots of different options from a distribution service to a permanent location which may be a little larger and have opportunities to host more events and run more workshops.

– Kaspar Wimberley, Co-Founder of SCOOP