1. ITV Report

Fort Regent could be closed among plans for improving Jersey's sports facilities

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Fort Regent could be closed as a sports and events venue, as the States considers how to improve the island's sports facilities.

An independent report has looked at Jersey's indoor and outdoor sports and leisure services - for the general public and specific clubs and activities - and made suggestions for how they can be upgraded or replaced.

The report makes the following recommendations:

  • Consider closing Fort Regent as a sports and events venue and investigate how else the site could be used
  • Consider the development of a new sports and events centre in St Helier to replace facilities at Fort Regent and AquaSplash
  • Assess the feasibility of investing into Les Quennevais Sports Centre
  • Consider the creation of an island stadium for football and rugby
  • Investigate the possibility of developing a sports facility in the east of the island
  • Consider the feasibility of creating a seafront watersports facility.

Senator Steve Pallett, Assistant Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, said that the government had committed to improving islanders' well-being as part of the recently approved Common Strategic Policy.

To achieve this, it’s vitally important that Jersey has fit-for-purpose sports and leisure facilities. This report provides the basis for more detailed planning to deliver these facilities.

– Senator Steve Pallett, Assistant Minister for Economic Development Tourism, Sport and Culture.

The Minister added that a new oversight group is being created to to consider the report's recommendations and develop a sports facility strategy.