Guernsey Police end the search for missing plane

Credit: Dave Ibbotson Credit: Facebook/Dave Ibbotson

Guernsey Police have announced that they are ending the search for the missing Piper PA-46 Malibu plane that has been lost since Monday night.

In a statement the Harbour Master has said his thoughts are with the families of both Emiliano Sala and Dave Ibbotson.

The full statement from Guernsey's Harbour Master is below...

The pilot searching for the missing Piper PA-46 Malib carrying Emiliano Sala and Dave Ibbotson has said there is "absolutely no chance of finding anybody alive."

CI Air Search pilot Mike Tidd has said the only thing that they might be able to do now, is pin-point where the aircraft went into the water.

Rescue services have continued their search this morning and have expanded efforts around the Cherbourg peninsula and Jersey's north coast

After a fourth day of searching, there has been no success in finding any evidence of what may have happened.

The plane went off the radar on Monday night when it was flying near to Alderney.

It was on an original route from Nantes to Cardiff, which was expected to land in the city on the evening.

With services scouring the English Channel, with no signs of debris or a life raft, the Channel Island's Air Search have taken the decision not to send out a plane again to look for the missing Piper PA-46 Malibu.