1. ITV Report

More clarity and detail needed in Jersey's new damages law according to scrutiny report

Credit: ITV Channel TV

A report has recommended Jersey's Government should provide more detail in how personal injury lawsuits can be claimed in The Draft Damages (Jersey) Law that is due to be debated in the States Assembly on 29th January.

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel want the Government to bring forward detailed regulations within 3 months regarding setting the discount rate and reviews of paying compensation in installments.

During their review, the panel heard from a number of stakeholders who claimed that the draft law had been rushed and was poorly constructed saying “It is a deeply flawed piece of legislation which has clearly been prepared in haste without proper research or analysis" and “the proposals put forward are not fit for purpose”.

The legislation follows a £238 million pound personal injury court case against the island's health department last summer, the largest personal injury claim in the British Isles ever to be submitted which was eventually settled out of court with an unknown sum.

We have tried to balance the evidence we received - recognising the need to properly compensate personal injury victims, while at the same time being mindful of the impact on society of large damage awards.

– Senator Kristina Moore, Chairman of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel.