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Digital empowerment event seeks to protect people online

Credit: PA Images

An event in Guernsey has been trying to make people safer when they're online.

Digital ACE has given guidance on how to stay safe online but has also shown how it can have a positive impact on people's lives.

The event which was held at Beau Sejour comes just before Safer Internet Day which is on Tuesday 5th February.

The aim has been to also encourage youngsters to learn and discover new things whilst being safe when being online.

Over 20 different companies attended the event to show how people can be aware of cyber security and common online scams.

Parents were also shown how they can look out for 10 'quick online safety wins' when their children are using social media and gaming.

The Head of Digital for Economic Development at the States of Guernsey has said that they pleased that experts from gaming, social media and cyber security.

The Island is seeing exponential growth in technology, which is fantastic but also highlights how important events like Digital ACE are to both the community and business.

– Lucy Kirby, Head of Digital for Economic Development

Tracey Moore, the Chair of the Guernsey Online Safety committee has said it's been a great opportunity for families to learn about all the "exciting possibilities the internet offers whilst finding out how to stay safe online."