Fifth seal pup, named 'Mambo', rescued by GSPCA

Fifth seal pup, named 'Mambo', rescued by GSPCA Credit: GSPCA

'Mambo' was rescued at Fort Doyle in Guernsey on Saturday.

The seal pup has a chest infection and discharge and is now in the intensive care area for seal pups at the GSPCA.

Geoff George, Head of Marine Mammals said

We certainly don’t expect to have to rescue a 5th seal pup on the weekend. We have rescued local pups through January but to need help in February is very late. We’ve called the new pup Mambo and we are all doing all we can for this very poorly pup. Sealia, Andy, Marty and Gully are improving daily and two of them are now out on our pools.

Geoff George, Head of Marine Mammals

When reporting an injured, sick or abandoned seal to the GSPCA, please make sure you are able to supply the following information:

  • Exact location; nearest town / village

  • Position on the beach, and state of the tide

  • How long you have observed the pup; any disturbance / risk to it; whether the mother has been seen

  • Any wounds / obvious signs of illness

  • Length/colour/condition.

If you find an injured animal you can contact the GSPCA on 01481 257261.