A consultant ophthalmologist has won his case against the States of Jersey.

It's after Mr Amar Alwitry was hired as an eye surgeon at the General Hospital in 2012, but had the offer withdrawn a week before he was due to start his job in Jersey.

He had already resigned from his consultancy position at Derby Hospital.

The court ruled that the dismissal decision was "invalid" and Mr Alwitry may be entitled to significant compensation for loss of employment.

A report by the States Complaints Board said the move "totally destroyed" the doctor's reputation.

Since his dismissal, a number of investigations have been launched into what exactly happened to the eye surgeon.

In July 2016, the States of Jersey Complaints Board (SCB) said Mr Alwitry should get compensation due to his "appallingly shabby" treatment by the States.

The report, published on the States website, said his dismissal represented "introspective and poor decision-making by a small group of senior public officials".

But, The States Employment Board, which is lead by the Chief Minister, rejected these findings and hit back at the complaints board.

This was followed by another SCB report criticising the States Employment Board for its rebuttal.

The States Employment Board now plans to appeal the court's decision.