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Disadvantaged children in Guernsey not reaching education targets

Children with special educational needs not reaching academic targets Credit: ITV Channel

Disadvantaged children in Guernsey are not meeting education targets.

That is according the latest figures published in Guernsey's Children and Young People's Plan which show children with special educational needs, children from poorer backgrounds, in care or with English as their second language are not achieving the grades they could be.

The report reveals 55.8% of children with special educational needs are gaining Level Four in English at Key Stage 2, while the target level is 68%.

In Maths, 57.4% of these children are achieving Level Four at Key Stage 2, with a target of 69%.

A plan for children and young people for the next three years has been drawn up by Guernsey's government.

One of the priorities is to improve the grades of children who may be vulnerable to underachievement.