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More than £90m could be spent on Princess Elizabeth Hospital

Credit: ITV Channel TV

More than £90 million could be invested into Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth Hospital, if the States Assembly back redevelopment plans from the Health and Social Care Committee.

The department is looking to invest up to £93.4m at the site over the next 10 years in what has been called the Hospital Modernisation Programme.

The plan is to upgrade and refurbish facilities to make sure the hospital is fit for purpose and ready for future challenges.

If the States agrees to the proposals, redevelopment work will be undertaken in three phases with the first beginning this year and lasting until 2021. The Health Committee is currently seeking £44.3m to get the first phase underway.

The first series of work will include redesigning and relocating the maternity unit and Children's Ward.

There is also a plan for redeveloping parking at the hospital to create more spaces for staff, patients and those visiting them.

Once work has been completed, the States will then have to approve both the second and third phases, with the former expected to begin in 2022 and lasting until 2026.

It will include building a new surgical orthopaedic ward, which will have increased capacity and flexibility to accommodate more patients.

The final phase of the build is scheduled to last for a year from 2027-2028, with a key area of development being the redesign of the emergency department as well as the pharmacy.

The total investment over the ten year period has been calculated at between £72.3m to £93.4m.

The head of the Health Committee has said that the Princess Elizabeth Hospital must be made fit for purpose to provide future care.

As is well known, demand for our services is rising, this is an inescapable fact which must be addressed. However, the current infrastructure severely limits our ability to adjust to this continual year-on-year increase in demand. At the same time, the outdated facilities make it is increasingly difficult to meet modern regulatory standards and adapt to new technology.

– President Heidi Soulsby, Health & Social Care Committee.

The Proposals already have the support of the Policy & Resources Committee. Deputies will make a decision on whether to back the plans when a vote is held on the 27th March.