Have you spotted any snowdrops across the islands?

Do you suffer from galanthrophilia? Do you know what galanthrophilia means! It means you have a love of snowdrops!

The delicate flower is a stunning sight and is traditionally renowned for being seen at the start of spring, but did you know there 20 wild snow drop species and over 700 cultivated varieties.

A variety of snowdrop in Guernsey Credit: Melita Schiemann

Some varieties cost £130 to purchase, but the original ones in Jersey are believed to date back to the 15th century. They are known as "des bouconne femmes" in Jerriais, Jersey-French (which translates to meaning good women) and is thought to be of reference to old fashioned summer petticoats!

Snowdrop in Jersey Credit: Monika Gougelin

If you have spotted any snow drops in Jersey, the Jersey Biodiversity Centre are looking to hear from you - and you can complete an online formthat tells them where you saw them. They believe there are increasing numbers and also ask that islanders not pick the wild flowers, in order to help the pollinators (butterflies and bees) that will need these flowers to survive the start of spring.