Cannabis farm to grow crop in Guernsey

Cannabis plants will be grown in Guernsey in the island's first licensed farm.

Permission was given to cultivate the low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), high CBD (Cannabidiol) plants at Le Douit Vinery, Vale, by the Committee for Health & Social Care.

The Original Alternative launched earlier this year as one of the first shops on the island to sell CBD products.

The Committee sought advice from the Chief Pharmacist, under the proviso that various requirements were met.

These include:

  • the final products to be produced and their purpose;

  • the packaging materials and marketing proposals for products designed for sale to the public; and

  • security measures, proportionate to the risks involved.

While some neighbours have voiced their concerns about what the fences and gates could look like, some of Guernsey's senior politicians have said they would fully support growing cannabis on the island.

A second licence application, again to grow low THC, high CBD cannabis plants has been approved subject to completion of outstanding documentation.

In February 2018, Guernsey's government announced that CBD oil with a concentration of less than 3% by weight would not be illegal to possess or supply.

The Original Alternative says hundreds of islanders have already tried our cannabis oils and are reaping the benefits.