Sufficient and sustainable funding needed for arts in Guernsey

Credit: ITV Channel TV

There needs to be 'sufficient and sustainable funding for the arts' in Guernsey. That is according to a report out today by the Arts Strategy Working Group.

The findings which have been endorsed by the Education Committee, also set out aims to ensure that everyone, no matter their age, has the opportunity to be creative.

To bring about the recommendations, the report has said centralising arts funding should be considered as well as creating new facilities.

The Working Group has also said the island should seek the widest audience for the arts, including those from overseas to help boost the economy and support tourism.

The report says one other way to achieve the recommendations would be to reinvigorate the Guernsey Arts Commission.

The President of the Education Committee has said he was made aware last year of the widespread view from the arts community that more support was needed.

The full report can be found on the Guernsey Community Foundation's website.