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Islanders protest against 'lenient prison terms' for paedophiles

Around 100 people have been protesting against 'lenient prison terms' for paedophiles in Jersey.

Campaigners are calling for the government to set mandatory minimum sentences and say that previous cases have shown that the courts, 'aren't being tough enough'.

The protest, which took place in Jersey's Royal Square this morning, was organised by Cheyenne O'Connor, who has helped to convict a growing number of sex offenders in Jersey by working as a vigilante paedophile hunter.

An online petition, calling for mandatory minimum sentences to be introduced, has now reached more than 2,600 signatures and if it gets more than 5,000 signatures it will have to be debated in the States.

The campaign has already prompted a government response.

It is not common practice in Jersey to use legislation to set mandatory minimum prison terms for offences. It is for the Courts, having considered a case and the associated evidence in full, to then make a decision as to the appropriate sentence to be applied.

– Ministers' response

Cheyenne O'Connor say she will continue to catch paedophiles in Jersey in order, she says, to keep young people safe.