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Divers to look for missing pilot David Ibbotson

His family have raised almost £250,000 to privately fund the search. Credit: PA Images

Deep sea divers will begin looking for the body of missing pilot David Ibbotson next week.

His family have spoken with with the authorities in Guernsey and Sark to organise a search route.

They say they want it to "start as soon as possible" and are doing their best to follow the "correct processes".

The family say they want to get everything underway correctly for the safety of the "amazing pilots and divers".

Mr Ibbotson's family have raised almost £250,000 to privately fund the search.

David Mearns will be coordinating the search.

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He headed up the hunt for the plane's wreckage and helped find footballer Emiliano Sala's body.

Mr Mearns has said helicopters will be arranged today but cannot confirm when they will take off.

The divers will begin their search when weather and tidal conditions are suitable.

The pilot went missing after his plane crashed in the sea north of Guernsey last month.

Mr Sala was found in the wreckage earlier this month. His funeral took place at the weekend.

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