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Fireworks laws could be tightened in Jersey


The law surrounding the sale and use of fireworks and pyrotechnics could be tightened in Jersey.

The Home Affairs Minister has put forward changes to the regulation of public firework displays, which could mean a Parish Hall fine of up to £200 if it is broken.

The changes would see specific times when fireworks could be supplied or used and when public displays could take place.

A recent petition called on the States to say that fireworks should only be sold or supplied at licensed displays.

The man who set up the petition, Andy Jones said domestic fireworks can cause distress to animals, livestock and can cause damage to people's properties.

The States will debate the new law in April.

Firework displays are no longer confined to the traditional 5th November celebrations; often displays are requested for religious events, and other events such as the Battle of Flowers, Royal Jubilees or New Year celebrations. Events such as these occasionally lead to complaints being received by the authorities regarding the use of fireworks without permission being granted, or being used without giving notice to those who may be affected.

– Con Len Norman, Minister for Home Affairs' Proposition