Guernsey's £85 waste charge bills sent out

The scheme intends to reduce waste and increase recycling. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Households in Guernsey will get their first £85 bill for the new annual waste charge this week.

This payment is alongside the "pay as you throw" charge of £2.50 per bag.

Both charges will cover the costs incurred by the States for the waste sorting and recycling process.

A petition has been started calling for the States of Guernsey to rethink its new waste initiative.

The "pay as you throw" scheme came into force at the beginning of the month and requires islanders to buy stickers to label their waste.

The stickers cost £1.40 for a 50-litre bin bag and £2.50 for 90-litres.

Bags left outside without a sticker can result in a fine.