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Milk vending machines for Alderney to reduce plastic waste

Islanders will be able to fill reusable glass bottles with the region's milk. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Alderney is set to become the first Channel Island to introduce a milk vending machine in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

Under the pilot scheme, islanders will be able to fill reusable glass bottles with the region's milk at Kiln Farm, instead of buying it in plastic bottles.

The machine is expected to be installed in the next six weeks and, if successful, the States says it will consider rolling the scheme out to other retailers on Alderney.

Refill schemes are always the best option for waste reduction, as they eliminate waste rather than relying both on people recycling properly and then on the UK recycling system which is over-stretched at best.

The milk vending machine will also enable people wanting to reduce their home waste to support a local business, bringing their glass bottle or container to be filled at the Farm Shop.

– Claire Thorp, Head of Outreach at Alderney Wildlife Trust

At present, 40% of the island's plastic waste exported to Guernsey for recycling is from milk bottles, according to Environment and Infrastructure.