Artwork by Jersey students is being put on display as part Young Arts Week.

It is the first time the event, organised by three Hautlieu students, has taken place.

It will be based at Liberty Wharf, and will include a variety of performances or workshops.

Organisers hope it will help to celebrate the creativity and individuality in student arts, and to highlight the wide range of arts available in the island.

Organisers say they want to encourage more people to be interested in the arts. Credit: ITV Channel TV

We're members of the Young Arts Society so we can go along to the adult talks, and we found that there wasn't a lot of young people who were going to those, so we really wanted to get the same kind of experience for young people by young people to try and get more people interested in the arts. We really just want to get the arts more talked about in Jersey because there's a lot of amazing student art that doesn't really get seen by a lot of people and we really want that to change.

Ione Howells, Hautlieu Student
The event is taking place all week at Liberty Wharf. Credit: ITV Channel TV

I've been so impressed by the initiative they've had to showcase the amazing talent from some of our young people across all of these schools - these painting, sculptures and music. It's just incredible to see the great talent we have in our schools here.

Senator Sam Mézec, Children's Minister