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Sea water floods site of Jersey's Horizon development

Horizon development site flooded by high tide. Credit: Jersey Action Group

Sea water has flooded the foundations of Jersey's Horizon development.

The site will see 280 luxury flats built on the reclaimed land by the States quango, the Jersey Development Company.

Environmentalists say the high tide which filled the site could potentially flush contaminated water back into the harbour, potentially impacting sea life.

It is possible that this is silt and mud, but from what went into this landfill historically, we had... problems with all the asbestos blowing around and we know that there was fly ash from Bellozanne, so I would be amazed if there aren't some nasty toxic chemicals in there.

– Andrew Le Quesne, Earth Project Jersey

Jersey Development Company say they are monitoring the water in Elizabeth Marina each month to ensure the quality does not deteriorate while construction work takes place.

Baseline sampling has been taken in advance of the main works commencement to ensure quality comparisons can be made.

All of the works are constructed strictly in accordance with the Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP).

– Jersey Development Company