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Aurigny says Flybe Heathrow route will lose them passengers

Aurigny say Flybe's new Heathrow route could have a Credit: ITV Channel TV

Aurigny has said Flybe's flights to Heathrow will have a "detrimental financial impact" on the Guernsey airline and will likely lead to a loss of passengers on its Gatwick route.

Currently Aurigny operates six daily services to London Gatwick, which the States designated as a lifeline route when it announced the ‘open skies’ policy.

This week Flybe has announced daily flights to London Heathrow, starting from March 31st.

The States is spending £800,000 on subsidising the trial service, while Aurigny's Gatwick route is not subsidised.

The airline outlines that it had a similar opportunity to provide a Heathrow service in November 2017, but says this did not happen due to a lack of financial support from Guernsey's Committee for Economic Development.

The rival service will have a detrimental financial impact on Aurigny’s remit to ‘break even’ which Aurigny is reviewing with its shareholder, STSB.

– Aurigny Statement