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New standards set for motorbikes, mopeds and minibuses in Jersey

The criteria that motorbikes, mopeds and minibuses in Jersey must meet have been announced.

It is because of the the island's commitment to the 1968 Vienna Convention, which will allow islanders to continue to drive in Europe after Brexit.

The inspections, by Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVS), will be introduced from April 1.

Vehicles in Jersey have always been expected to be roadworthy, but under the Vienna Convention we have to demonstrate that we are ensuring that they actually are.

The standards against which DVS will assess mopeds and minibuses have now been published to give the motor trade industry and owners time to prepare.

– Deputy Kevin Lewis, Jersey's Infrastructure Minister

Registered owners will be contacted by DVS at least two months before the inspections begin.

We advise that all vehicles due an inspection are serviced by a qualified mechanic beforehand.

This will avoid any minor faults such as lightbulbs and windscreen wipers to be picked up on during our inspection, which might otherwise lead to a failed vehicle.

– Gordon Forrest, Inspector of Motor Traffic

Vehicles which meet the DVS inspection standards will be issued a Certificate of Satisfaction.

If the vehicle fails the inspection, a notice will indicate the level of failure and the owner will be expected to take action to bring it up to standard and have it re-inspected.