Inna Gardiner elected to represent St. Helier 3/4 in Jersey States by-election

Inna Gardiner has been elected to Jersey States to represent St. Helier district 3 and 4 Credit: ITV News Channel TV

Inna Gardiner has been elected to represent St. Helier districts 3 and 4 in Jersey States. She replaces Deputy Richard Rondel who died last year.

1600 votes were cast, putting the turnout at 18.65%. There were six spoilt ballots. These are the full results:

  • Inna Gardiner - 391 votes

  • Lyndsay Fletham (Reform) - 324 votes

  • Anthony Lewis - 245 votes

  • Nick Le Cornu - 143 votes

  • John Baker - 142 votes

  • Andrea Mallet - 120 votes

  • Guy De Faye - 76 votes

  • Francesca Ahier - 60 votes

  • Geraint Jennings - 59 votes

  • Gordon George Troy - 34 votes

The States of Jersey has tweeted to say Inna Gardiner will be the 14th female member of the current Assembly and is the 45th woman to ever be elected to the States.

Following her election Inna Gardiner celebrated by hugging her supporters and explaining how her priority is improving the quality of life for people in her district, including more green spaces, playgrounds and community hubs: