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Parking limited at St Ouen's Bay unofficial campsite

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Parking at Le Port in St Ouen's Bay has been restricted to 12 hours, to deter vehicles from parking overnight.

It's also hoped the move will create more spaces for islanders to access the beach more easily.

Now, drivers will not be able to use the car park for more than 12 hours in any 24 hour continuous period.

In addition to the time limit on parking, there will be changes to the layout of the car park so that longer vehicles cannot access the narrower areas.

The Jersey car park is regularly used as an unofficial campsite and has led to antisocial behaviour and hygiene issues according to St Peter's Honorary Police.

In a statement announcing the introduction of the rules, the States said that 'although camping or sleeping in a vehicle parked on public land is illegal, it has been informally tolerated by the parish authorities. However, in recent years the popularity of camping in the area has grown to the point where the activities of some campers are causing problems for the honorary police at night.'

The use of the car park as a camping spot has created issues for St Peter. These changes will assist the parish in properly regulating the area and ensuring that the car park is available to serve the needs of all users, particularly during peak summer months.