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Care sector 'on brink of crisis' according to Jersey charity

Les Amis has announced it will stop its Community Outreach and Short Breaks services from 31st March. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Staff shortages have led to a Jersey care charity stopping some of its services at the end of the month.

Les Amis, which supports people with learning disabilities, has announced it will stop its Community Outreach and Short Breaks services from 31st March.

The charity claims it is not the only care provider that is facing these challenges.

Les Amis is not the only operator in the care sector which will be facing these difficult decisions and we feel now is the time to speak publicly about what will shortly become a crisis.

– Shaun Findlay, Managing Director of Les Amis

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The charity says it has been trying to meet health care demands with limited staff resources for a long time.

It is calling on the Government to make the situation "a top priority" because, they say, good care services is needed for the island's growing ageing population.

Health and Community Services say they are aware of the situation with Les Amis.

The closure of these services affects a small number of children aged under 18, and 12 adult individuals. Adult social workers in Community Services will be working closely with the 12 adults affected, and their families, to ensure different packages of care are put in place after the 31st March.

Social workers from the Adult Social Work Team within community services will be contacting and working with families to make arrangements with them to ensure their loved one who is affected by this closure will continue to be supported with as little disruption as possible.

Social workers within the Complex Needs Team within CYPES will work with the children and their families who are affected.

The level of care given to individuals and the needs of those individuals being met is the prime concern of both Community Services and CYPES.

– Health and Community Services statement

Health and Community Services say the government is trying to address the shortage of care professionals in the island by supporting an entry level training programme.

They say it could be for career changers, retirees or new entrants to the job market.