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Calls to delay debate over law which could extend maternity leave in Jersey

The new family-friendly law would give more parental leave to parents and gives rights to surrogate and adoptive parents. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey's Chamber of Commerce is calling on the States of Jersey to delay the implementation of the new family-friendly laws.

If passed, the laws could give new parents a full year off to look after their children, with 6 weeks full pay.

It would extend current Family Friendly employment rights, and would include time off work to attend appointments for adoptive and surrogate parents.

The Chamber claims approving the law would pass the burden onto local businesses, forcing them to pay the benefit out of their own money.

Now, the Chamber's President, Eliot Lincoln, has written to the island's Social Security Minister to urge her to delay it until uncertainties, partly caused by Brexit, are resolved.

Given the burden on our businesses and the unknown economic impact to our island, we would urge that further time is sought to provide clear analysis and data before bringing [the proposition] to the States Assembly.

– Eliot Lincoln, President of Jersey's Chamber of Commerce

The proposed Family Friendly Employment Rights law is currently due to be debated on 26th March.

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