Call to halt 5G technology in Guernsey due to health fears

Credit: Clara Margais/DPA/PA Images

Introducing 5G technology into Guernsey should be halted because of health concerns. That is according to a petition set up on the island.

The 'Halt 5G Now' campaign has already received the backing of over 250 people, after calling for 5G to be postponed until experts have confirmed it poses no biological threat to humans and the environment.

There are worries about the possible radiation exposure the technology poses to islanders.

One of the supporters of the petition, has said there is no real understanding about the impact 5G might have on a global scale.

It was announced last September that 5G could one day be introduced to the Channel Islands.

The view was put forward that it could lead to improvements in healthcare, drone technology and driverless cars.