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Protest against parking restrictions at Le Port in St Ouen

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Campaigners are planning to hold a protest against the imposed parking restrictions at Le Port, which are designed to stop the area being used as an unofficial campsite.

Parking at Le Port in St Ouen's Bay has recently been restricted to 12 hours, to deter vehicles from parking overnight.

Paul Hymas, one of the organisers of the protest, believes there has not been enough communication between authorities and those who use the area.

I feel that if the Connétable was to come down here on a regular basis and interact with people so we can chat to him about any problems of antisocial behaviour, those problems would be eliminated.

– Paul Hymas, campaigner.

According to St Peter's Honorary Police, the car park has regularly been used as an unofficial campsite and has led to antisocial behaviour and hygiene issues.

The Government says the move will create more spaces for islanders to access the beach more easily.