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Primary school chicken kicked to death in 'heartless' attack

La Mare Primary School say the children are 'very upset' by the incident Photo: Guernsey Police

Guernsey Police are appealing for anyone who has information after a chicken at La Mare de Carteret Primary School was killed in an attack.

The chicken was 'kicked to death' and the coop was vandalised.

It is reported to have taken place between 2:30pm on Friday and 7am on Monday 11th March.

La Mare Primary School say the children are 'very upset' to see the chicken coop vandalised.

The chickens were incubated in school two years ago and it has been a great source of comfort to many children to see their chicks grow from the very first day they were hatched. The children look after them everyday and enjoy collecting the eggs. It is a very sad day for the whole school community to hear of such shocking news.

– Kim Hutchinson, Head Teacher, La Mare Primary School

Guernsey Police say this is a 'deeply unpleasant and despicable act'.

It's senseless, heartless, stupid and extremely troubling that anyone thinks a chicken should be kicked to death. We have a number of leads, and we say to whoever did it: come forward and admit it now.

– Spokesperson, Guernsey Police