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Barclay Brothers to reopen Sark hotel and restaurant

La Moinerie Hotel in Sark Photo: Lovell Ozanne architects

A hotel and restaurant in Sark are to reopen, five years after they were closed by their owners the Barclay Brothers.

They were among a number of hospitality outlets to be shutdown in 2014 in protest at the way the island was governed.

Sark Estate Management has confirmed La Moinerie Hotel and the Time and Tide restaurant will welcome back customers this year and have held out the prospect of other mothballed businesses following suit.

They cite a change in tourism policy, primarily the prospect of a new customs post allowing tourists to arrive directly from Europe - rather than via Jersey or Guernsey - as the reason for the rethink.

It is now only a matter of when, not if, that we get a Customs post that will allow Sark’s tourism sector, the island’s principal economic driver, access to the vast markets of mainland Europe.

As a direct result of Seigneur Christopher Beaumont’s proactive intervention into Sark’s affairs two key hospitality businesses, Time & Tide Bistro in The Avenue and La Moinerie Hotel will reopen this year.

Upon the introduction of a Customs post other businesses may follow.

– The Sark Newspaper