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Guernsey donates £30,000 to Cyclone Idai relief effort

Mozambique, Inhamizua: A woman holds a child surrounded by damage caused by tropical cyclone Credit: Josh Estey/DPA/PA Images

£30,000 is being donated by Guernsey's Overseas Aid Commission to help the people affected by Cyclone Idai in southern Africa.

Fears are growing that the humanitarian crisis in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe could escalate, with torrential rains in the region expected and flood waters set to rise.

The donation, given on behalf of islanders, is expected to help charities provide clean drinking water, shelter, medicine and other vital supplies for up to 1.7 million people who were in the direct path of the cyclone.

The cyclone, which has destroyed crops and homes, will have a long tail of hunger, poverty and disease in an already struggling region.

– Deputy Emilie Yerby, President of the Overseas Aid & Development Commission

It's feared waterborne diseases and hunger will spread dues to crops being destroyed and the lack of clean drinking water in the region.

Jersey Overseas Aid Commission say as casualty figures are expected to 'increase considerably', it is currently assessing what funds it can send where it'll make the most difference.

JOA continues to closely monitor the situation following the devastating impact of Cyclone Idai and is in contact with several humanitarian agencies working on the ground in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It is likely that casualty figures will increase considerably in the next few days, and flood waters are continuing to rise. We are currently assessing where JOA funds will be best spent and will make an official announcement next week.

– Jersey Overseas Aid Commission