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Women celebrating in "Be Bold Jersey!"

Saboohi Famili discussing the Be Bold Jersey event hoping to inspire women. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A celebration of women has been held in Jersey to show what challenges they have to face on a daily basis.

"Be Bold Jersey!" is the first event on the island which has showcased women having grit and persistence to achieve their goals.

The event has been held by The Diversity Network which included speeches from Olympic Gold Medialist sailor, Sarah Ayton OBE and Government Director Saboohi Famili.

Both women discussed how people can overcome adversity if they believe in themselves and are aware of their potential.

I guess my big thing is just to never give up and actually to really learn from your mistakes. I wasn't born a champion by any means but I had that desire to be brilliant at my sport and I ask a lot of questions an I learn from other people.

– Sarah Ayton, Double Gold Olympic Champion in Sailing

Ms Famili who moved to the UK in 1999 as an asylum seeker and became a refugee said she has been able to overcome that issue and now considers herself as a citizen of the world.

As long as I contribute positively to the community that I live and work within I will be happy and I will consider myself as lucky to be alive. To me it's all about you believing in yourself and making the most of opportunities that are around you.

– Saboohi Famili, Jersey's Director of Young People