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Large number of Jersey HGVs still to be inspected

Credit: John Stillwell/PA Archive/PA Images

There is just two months until the deadline for all heavy goods vehicles to be checked for road safety in Jersey.

Unchecked vehicles will not be allowed on the island's roads after 14th May 2019.

It is part of the new Annual Roadworthiness Inspection Scheme that checks if commercial vehicles are roadworthy.

Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVS) have sent out letters to owners of Medium Goods Vehicles (MGV's) warning them of vehicle checks from later this year.

There are still a large number of vehicles left to be inspected.

– Gordon Forrest, Inspector of Motor Traffic at DVS

The Inspector of Motor Traffic at DVS, Gordon Forrest, said that the scheme ensures that vehicles are "safe and well maintained".

He said: "The majority of Jersey's registered HGVs have been inspected so far, but with only two months left before the first inspection deadline, there are still a large number of vehicles left to be inspected".

The deadline for MGVs is 14th May 2020.