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Islanders wait to hear if they need 'Green Cards' to drive in Europe

Drivers travelling on the ferry to the continent should find out if they will need a Green Card to do so. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Channel Islanders should find out this week if they will definitely need a so-called 'Green Card' to drive in Europe.

It all depends on whether Theresa May's Brexit deal is voted through the House of Commons.

The European Union has agreed to delay the UK's leaving date to allow the Prime Minister time to get her Withdrawal Bill passed in Westminster.

That deal is expected to be voted on this week. If it is approved, the UK will leave the EU on 22 May and there will be no need for motorists to apply for the international driving permit.

But if MPs again reject the Brexit deal, then the UK is expected to leave the EU on 12 April without a withdrawal agreement. This would mean islanders would need to have the Green Card to drive on the continent after that date.

Drivers will need to get in touch with their motor insurer to apply for the permit, which is an international insurance certificate required by any vehicle with all forms of motor insurance.