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Biodiversity conference to assess health of oceans

Delegates will assess what needs to be done to protect the North East Atlantic Credit: Jens B�ttner/DPA/PA Images

Marine conservationists are heading to Jersey to look into how much biodiversity there is in the North East Atlantic Ocean.

The OSPAR Commission will include 32 delegates from across Europe who will look into a range of issues including the amount of pollution in the sea.

One key area of discussion will be around regular assessments of the health of the water to make comparisons with previous years.

Jersey's Assistant Minister for the Environment, Deputy Gregory Guida has said this is an exciting time to be hosting the event but he doesn't "expect any major decisions to be made."

The event is being held in the island after the States agreed to help the UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) which is currently dealing heavily with Brexit.

The conference will last until Thursday afternoon.