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New board to look at reducing housing and income inequality

The board will review Jersey's housing market and develop proposals to for a better supply of affordable housing. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new group in Jersey will look into how to reduce housing and income inequality on the island.

The Housing Policy Development Board has been set up by the Government of Jersey to investigate the challenges facing the housing market.

It follows the Council of Ministers' plans to improve islanders' standards of living from the Common Strategic Policy for 2018-2022.

The board will conduct a wide-ranging review of the housing market, before developing proposals which will seek to create a better supply of affordable housing in the island.

They will also aim to improve the quality of rented homes and strengthening tenants' rights.

The Chief Minister and the Minister for Housing have said they want the board to consider the impact of the present social housing rents policy, as well as foreign investment in property in the island immediately.