More than one water pollution incident a day in Jersey

Water Credit: ITV Channel

Jersey Water is reassuring people their drinking water is safe after it was revealed there have been 80 pollution incidents in the island so far this year.

They were recorded in a number of streams and waterways, including at Queen's Valley, Grand Vaux and Bellozanne.

None was at a level to be considered dangerous, and pollutants are removed during the water treatment process.

It comes as the Environment Minister, Deputy John Young, confirmed the Horizon housing construction site on the Waterfront is under investigation for alleged pollution after water which has formed in the area during very high tides then drained into the Elizabeth Marina.

Jersey's government issued a statement on behalf of Environmental Protection which said:

Environmental Protection is continuing to undertake a full investigation regarding a potential breach of the Water Pollution (Jersey) Law 2000 at the Horizon construction site on the Waterfront. The investigation was triggered by a call to Environmental Protection Hotline on 21 February. A full investigation is being undertaken, including sampling of water quality. This is an ongoing investigation and, as with all criminal investigations undertaken by Government regulators, a strict protocol is adhered to.

Jersey's government

It matters because it's all going into the marina, so it's affecting wildlife there. It's also going round the corner into our Ramsar area which is world recognised for being a beautiful marine place but it's not if we get polluted there.

Jacqui Carrel,Save Our Shoreline

The owner of the Horizon site, the Jersey Development Company, does not want to comment and the project contractor Legendre has not responded to our request for an interview.

Today, Jersey Water says it is important people understand a pollution incident does not mean the level of pollution is dangerous.

I can safely say to the public that our water complies with all of those regulatory parameters.

Malcolm Berridge, Jersey Water